Classic beauty combined with a powerful, quirky personality. OrchiDiva® is an unique appearance that you cannot ignore. City-chic and so pure at the same time. Be seduced by this natural beauty queen.

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Who are we?

OrchiDiva® inspires

To make the beauty of our product more visible we have given the OrchiDiva® a new and modern look. This look is supported by inspiring photography that can be found in the inspiration booklet for consumers and on our website.

OrchiDiva® seduces

The packaging of the cymbidium has a beautiful design and colour matching the beauty of the product.

OrchiDiva® suprises

In the period that the OrchiDiva® is available, we can supply more than 150 different varieties and a unique variety of colours. In addition, OrchiDiva® is pro-actively looking for varieties that are complementary to the assortment. As a result, we can regularly surprise you with truly distinctive products.